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Same Jeans, three outfits

Hi everyone!

Today i want to introduce you to a new kind of post: wearing a particular item for 3 or more different outfits. I think it’s an interesting way for not to forget that particular item we bought in a delirium moment (or not, depends on your point of view) and restyle and convince you can give a new life.

The first item i picked up is a pair of amazing One Spo jeans with heart holes, really stylish, cool and weird. Perfect for a sporty/larmeish outfit and then put in the closet and forgot about it for the next 6 months

I hope you get the idea.

Of course, if we do the same thing with all the clothes we have in our wardrobe we will never buy anymore, but if you don’t have much money to spend or anything else, it’s a smart idea that i will try do with every special piece i have in my closet, something that is difficult to match. It’s a very good exercise for creativity, too.



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Lazy Oaf new collection

Hi everyone!

Today i want to show you the new collection of one of my favourite brands: Lazy Oaf.

Lazy Oaf produce weird and colorful stuff from 2001, matches perfectly with the new generation.

Unfortunately, i didn’t never bought from them so i don’t know how is the quality and which fabrics they use for their stuff, and neither the fabric isn’t specified on the site aswell, very bad!

Anyway, i’ll show you my favourite pieces at the moment, they are from the new collection.


You can find it HERE. I think it’s a very nice sheer bodysuit with those hearts, i’m really thinking to buy it seriously.


A very retrò, vintage, velvet bag. Get it HERE. A must have for a vintage vibe outift.


You can’t miss it for your special home, just go THERE and buy it.

furabito A pink sporty and cozy dress with furry arms? Get it HERE, it’s amazing and super cool.


I’m not a very fan of pinafores, but this one it’s really too cute, and i think of it with the sheer body for and outfit. What fo you think? LINK TO IT


Everyone needs a swanning, party dress like this, with tulle on the shoulders. Very cute and stylish. LINK HERE

Pink is my soul color | Romantic Lace | Heart Holes

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

Bye bye ♥♥♥

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Pink is my soul color

Hi everyone!

I’m back from holydays, how did you pass them? I relaxed a lot and worked a lot on my goals. In the next days i will do a vision board and i want to make a little video and/or write a little post about. I think it’s really a cute thing to do!

I wore this outfit long time ago, when it was still hot outside. I wore my new Honey Cinnamon garter belt dress which i decided to sell because i don’t like the color and i think it doesn’t suit me. Paired with my usual Vivienne Westwood bag and my artisan loafer in rosegold and fishnet tights. I also wore a new pin i bought some time ago, from TheSkyCorner shop on Etsy. You must check it out, it’s so detailed and well made.


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New Year’s Resolutions 2018

Hi everyone, this post will be the last for the 2017.

It has been a great year for me, because i finally understood a lot of my interior stuff and i think i’m ready for materialize external things.

My resolutions for these year are:

-Got the driving license

-Staying healthy with my alimentation and start a new sport

-Relocate to Switzerland and getting a new job there

-Doing only things that makes me happy because i deserve to be happy

-Attract a lot of positive things

-Do an important travel with important people

Let’s make 2018 more beautiful than everything else!

What are your goals for the next year? Comment below

Bye Bye ♥♥♥

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Romantic Lace

Hi everyone! As you can see, i transfered my blog from blogspot to a personal site. I really liked that idea because i think it’s more professional and i wanted to control minus things as possible, because before the transfer of the blog here it was my portfolio for sewing creations. I haven’t so much time to dedicate it, so i decided to melt them togheter.

I’m so happy with the result. What do you think? I have to fix some thing but the biggest work is done.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the outfit. I totally love this dress, it was a thrift from a friend of mine, i think it’s perfect for mid seasons, i paired it with in contrast with fishnet tights and my leather artisan loafers, which i love to death. What do you think?


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Heart Holes

Hi everyone! How are you? I’m fine, i’m on holyday for at least four days, so i decided to make myself productive and write something on the blog.
This outfit was so much awaited for most of you! I’m pretty satisfied what i’ve created, i will surely made other with those pants soon, i have a lot of ideas in my mind.
I paired them with a sheer elegant shirt from an italian brand and mules from Oysho.
Cai i call it Larme too? I hope so, my style is so mixed lately, i wore whatever i like without labelling it.

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