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HUGE Summer Haul

Hi everyone! How are you? Today is my last day of holydays and tomorrow i’ll be back at work, i might be sad but a part of me is happy to be back to the “usual life”, i don’t like routines at all, but finally i’ll make something all day instead of doing nothing.
Anyway, i decided to do an haul of this summer, i wanted to make a video on YouTube but without success, i’m not confident with the camera! Hope i’ll do something in the future.

The first piece is a pair of red pants from Max&Co, i wanted for so long a pair of red trousers and here we are.

An other pair of pants it’s from One Spo, which i bought them throught Diamant Rose Italy.
As you can see they have the particularity to have those heart shaped patches with fishnet. I found them really gourgeous and they’re out my confident zone.

This top it’s from Pinko, an italian brand, i found it for a super cheap price in an outlet, it’s a top different from usual because it’s totally sheer, which is better for the evening than morning.
This knit cardigan it’s from Ank Rouge, I bought it second hand for a super cheap price and i had to picked up! I don’t have many cardigans in my closet and i have to buy more of them! As buttons has pearls and on the knit fabric has some cute ribbons.
Very lovely.

In this haul can’t miss some new shoes? Of course not! I bought those babies from Asos, they were on sales for super affordable prices, the first pumps are super classic and i needed them for so long, they’re also in real leather, the second one are in plastic but has a really cute design! I can’t wait for Autumn to come for wearing them!
Do you the site Vente Privee? It’s a site that sells a lot of different brands with an outlet price, just for a limited time, and i bought three things from the Vivienne Westwood’s selling! 
One little hot pink bag (very cute and useful), and two leather belts, which i needed, i use them on the waits and on hips.
Time ago, i decided to make myself a birthday gift, a new pair of headphones. The previous one i had were really in worst conditions as possible after about seven years with me, and i decided to purchase the headphones from Kreafunk, you can find them also on Asos (i purchased them here).
Also i bought some new enamel pins, the shell one and mermaid cat.
You can find bigger and better photos on my Instagram.
I went to an outlet near Bologna, an di purchased something from Vivienne Westwood, i have a disease, i know. I bought a pair of rosegold geometric earrings and red, leather cardholder. 
Last, but not least, i bought some new makeup, a foundation from Dr.Hauschka, which i want to review because it was a really lucky find, a black eyeliner from Estée Lauder and a duochrome (my fist one) eyeshadow from Nabla, Alchemy.
Do you made some crazy shopping this period? Which is your favourite item i bought?
Bye bye 
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"Fall in Love" Diamant Rose Italy

Hi everyone! 
I just wanted you to know that I don’t feel really well in this period, so i decided to post something only when i’m ok.
On the 12th of November i attended a gyaru event located here in Milan. The event was organized by Diamant Rose Italy which is a shop located in Japan that opened in some different european countries that permits to shop some different brands directly from Japan. Also, they organized events for choosing new models and give away two travels in Japan. I think it’s wonderful!
In the event there was food, drinks, some games like “bingo” for win 10 different lucky bags from the gyaru brands.

I was one of the lucky winners! Obviously i choosed one from Liz Lisa.

My outfit:
Shirt: Handmade
Dress: H&M
Socks: Oysho
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Vivienne Westwood
I really enjoyed attended this event, i hope they will organize more in the future. I also socialized with old friends i hadn’t meet for a while. It was very funny!
In the next post i will show you in detail what i’ve won in the lucky bag!
Bye Bye 
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Pom Pom

Hi everyone, i’m sorry to be so inactive here, but i had a lot of problems lately and no time to dress up pretty, just because, this outfit it’s from Halloween lol
I hope in the future to have more occasions to dress up pretty and do a proper makeup, i love appearing cured and elegant.
In these days i’m sewing a lot of new clothes, maybe i will a post in the future, i love having new clothes for new outfits, in these months i feel like i’m dressing up the same.

T-shirt: Stradivarius
Skirt: Aliexpress
Shoes: Asos
Accessories: Vivienne Westwood, Topshop
Bye Bye