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Lazy Oaf new collection

Hi everyone!

Today i want to show you the new collection of one of my favourite brands: Lazy Oaf.

Lazy Oaf produce weird and colorful stuff from 2001, matches perfectly with the new generation.

Unfortunately, i didn’t never bought from them so i don’t know how is the quality and which fabrics they use for their stuff, and neither the fabric isn’t specified on the site aswell, very bad!

Anyway, i’ll show you my favourite pieces at the moment, they are from the new collection.


You can find it HERE. I think it’s a very nice sheer bodysuit with those hearts, i’m really thinking to buy it seriously.


A very retrò, vintage, velvet bag. Get it HERE. A must have for a vintage vibe outift.


You can’t miss it for your special home, just go THERE and buy it.

furabito A pink sporty and cozy dress with furry arms? Get it HERE, it’s amazing and super cool.


I’m not a very fan of pinafores, but this one it’s really too cute, and i think of it with the sheer body for and outfit. What fo you think? LINK TO IT


Everyone needs a swanning, party dress like this, with tulle on the shoulders. Very cute and stylish. LINK HERE

Pink is my soul color | Romantic Lace | Heart Holes

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

Bye bye ♥♥♥

Alice in wonderland · Ispiredclothes

#1 Alice in Wonderland Ispired Clothes

Hi everyone! I know it passed a little since my last post but i was too busy with some things and i wasn’t able to write.

I thought for days about doing this kind of post and i ended up that i will do this kind of post one per month! Is that kind of post where i search in the net clothes ispired of something. This time the turn is Alice in Wonderland! In particular the Queen.

The first, beautiful clutch bag reminds me the roses garden.
The second item it’s a lovely headband, finally it’s possibile to be a queen in real life!

The lace dress is simply amazing and i would like to buy it (unfortunately it doesn’t fit me T_T) and the last item it’s a pair of heels alice in wonderland inspired!
Everything is from Choies except the last item that is from Ebay.
I hope you liked this kind of post. 
Sales are started from two weeks, do you bought something from them? I really did a big shopping and i can’t wait to share it with new outfit post! I really miss them T__T

Bye Bye