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Pink is my soul color

Hi everyone!

I’m back from holydays, how did you pass them? I relaxed a lot and worked a lot on my goals. In the next days i will do a vision board and i want to make a little video and/or write a little post about. I think it’s really a cute thing to do!

I wore this outfit long time ago, when it was still hot outside. I wore my new Honey Cinnamon garter belt dress which i decided to sell because i don’t like the color and i think it doesn’t suit me. Paired with my usual Vivienne Westwood bag and my artisan loafer in rosegold and fishnet tights. I also wore a new pin i bought some time ago, from TheSkyCorner shop on Etsy. You must check it out, it’s so detailed and well made.





Dress: Honey Cinnamon Bag: Vivienne Westwood Shoes: Walter Acc.: Aliexpress, Etsy

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Pinku day

Hi everyone!
How are you doing? The last week in Italy was really hot, it was about around 35-40° degrees and everyone died for the weather and you couldn’t do anything without sweating, also i wore really randomly and i stayed without make up on because it was really intense! Now seems to be back to the “normal” weather and we’re lucky beucase the temperature get down to like 10° degress but now we have rain instead of sun. 
Two days ago there was the Pinku day, i never knew of this day before, so i wasn’t prepared for wearing pink, and also, i didn’t even dress up that day so.. this is a trowback.

Shirt: Swankiss (replica)
Skirt: One spo
Shoes: Oysho
Accessories, socks, local shop, Aliexpress and handmade (ring)
Bye Bye 
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Romantic tulle

Hi everyone! Summer it’s on the next door and i’m already dying for the hot weather.
As the previous post, i’m not always in a good mood an i hope that in few time my life will change, i need that change and i am ready for this.
I bought this lovely skirt from the last Diamant Rose Event here in Milan and i’m totally in love with it! I always wanted a tulle pink skirt so i bought it.
The shirt is an other thing i bought recently, it’s from a new Made in Italy brand, Eclipse, and it’s very girly and romantic too.

Shirt: Eclipse
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Asos
Accessories, socks: Aliexpress 
Bye bye 
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Gingham + cherries

Hi everyone! This time i decided to wear my handmade gingham skirt, which i designed and sewn last year and wear something in cherry themed. Obviously pom pom shoes are always a must in my outfits. I have a lot of them and would like to have more of them in the future. 
Lately i’m trying to wear only Larme Kei & Dolly kei outfit because i feel in that way in this period. Then i decided for now to quit lolita fashion, i will always love those giant beautiful dresses, with particular prints, but i have to make a choice for myself and my wallet.
Larme Kei and Dolly kei are more ‘simple’ to wear them in daily, and Lolita it’s not that easy. I hope you understand. But for now i maintain a skirt with Alice in Wonderland theme, which is my favourite.

Top: CVG
Skirt: Handmade 
Shoes: Quanticlo
Accessories: Aliexpress
Bye Bye 
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Lilac Tutu

Hi everyone! I know i’ve been abandoned the blog for less than one month but i’m always so busy lately that i couldn’t dressing up and shooting some outfits. It’s hard to have a full-time job + life + fashion blog. Do you have some tips for dovetailed every appointment in life? In this very moment i’ll finishing my four days of holydays and then tomorrow i’ll going back to work and usual life. In these days i worked a lot on new clothes that i designed and sewed personally and can’t wait to try them on but the weather it’s still cold and cloudy. Not much spring tho.. but, here it is my last Larme Kei look,
I’m a very big fan of lilac colour and insted that doesn’t suit me well i wear it sometimes.

Top: Zara
Skirt: Taobao
Accessories: Ebay, Aliexpress
Shoes: Asos
Shoes Application: Esperanza
Bye Bye 
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Scallop hem

Hi everyone! How’s your life going? Mine is always difficult and i think i never been so stressed like in these months never before. I dress up cute to fight bad humor!
I love that skirt with the scallop hem! i bought it in January and just wore only few times because the fabric it’s so sensistive and i don’t want to ruin it.

Top: Coquette
Skirt: One Spo
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
I wish to all of you a nice and relaxing week end! 
Bye Bye 
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Hi everyone! It’s finally Spring and i’m so happy! Unfortunately i’m busy with some issues but i think i’m able to handle them and i can’t wait to let them soon.
I’m madly in love with this set i bought last year and i wore a cream silk shirt i made some time ago. I have to improve to sew those fabrics, they are really difficult to work with.
The top is in peluche and it’s very warm, perfect for Autumn/Winter season, but unfortunately i haven’t worn a lot of times during this season, because i think that don’t match no cardigans of sweaters.
Do ou have any suggestions for wearing it during Winter?
Also today arrived my very first piece of Swankiss brand, my favourite Larme brand! I can’t wait to wear it!

Set top + skirt: BoBon21
Silk shirt: handmade
Pumps: Primadonna
 Bye bye