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HUGE Summer Haul

Hi everyone! How are you? Today is my last day of holydays and tomorrow i’ll be back at work, i might be sad but a part of me is happy to be back to the “usual life”, i don’t like routines at all, but finally i’ll make something all day instead of doing nothing.
Anyway, i decided to do an haul of this summer, i wanted to make a video on YouTube but without success, i’m not confident with the camera! Hope i’ll do something in the future.

The first piece is a pair of red pants from Max&Co, i wanted for so long a pair of red trousers and here we are.

An other pair of pants it’s from One Spo, which i bought them throught Diamant Rose Italy.
As you can see they have the particularity to have those heart shaped patches with fishnet. I found them really gourgeous and they’re out my confident zone.

This top it’s from Pinko, an italian brand, i found it for a super cheap price in an outlet, it’s a top different from usual because it’s totally sheer, which is better for the evening than morning.
This knit cardigan it’s from Ank Rouge, I bought it second hand for a super cheap price and i had to picked up! I don’t have many cardigans in my closet and i have to buy more of them! As buttons has pearls and on the knit fabric has some cute ribbons.
Very lovely.

In this haul can’t miss some new shoes? Of course not! I bought those babies from Asos, they were on sales for super affordable prices, the first pumps are super classic and i needed them for so long, they’re also in real leather, the second one are in plastic but has a really cute design! I can’t wait for Autumn to come for wearing them!
Do you the site Vente Privee? It’s a site that sells a lot of different brands with an outlet price, just for a limited time, and i bought three things from the Vivienne Westwood’s selling! 
One little hot pink bag (very cute and useful), and two leather belts, which i needed, i use them on the waits and on hips.
Time ago, i decided to make myself a birthday gift, a new pair of headphones. The previous one i had were really in worst conditions as possible after about seven years with me, and i decided to purchase the headphones from Kreafunk, you can find them also on Asos (i purchased them here).
Also i bought some new enamel pins, the shell one and mermaid cat.
You can find bigger and better photos on my Instagram.
I went to an outlet near Bologna, an di purchased something from Vivienne Westwood, i have a disease, i know. I bought a pair of rosegold geometric earrings and red, leather cardholder. 
Last, but not least, i bought some new makeup, a foundation from Dr.Hauschka, which i want to review because it was a really lucky find, a black eyeliner from Estée Lauder and a duochrome (my fist one) eyeshadow from Nabla, Alchemy.
Do you made some crazy shopping this period? Which is your favourite item i bought?
Bye bye 
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Romantic tulle

Hi everyone! Summer it’s on the next door and i’m already dying for the hot weather.
As the previous post, i’m not always in a good mood an i hope that in few time my life will change, i need that change and i am ready for this.
I bought this lovely skirt from the last Diamant Rose Event here in Milan and i’m totally in love with it! I always wanted a tulle pink skirt so i bought it.
The shirt is an other thing i bought recently, it’s from a new Made in Italy brand, Eclipse, and it’s very girly and romantic too.

Shirt: Eclipse
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Asos
Accessories, socks: Aliexpress 
Bye bye 
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Fishnet tights

Hi everyone! I don’t know what to tell today… but in the opposite i have a lot to say, i’m always so busy, so messy, so disorganized (teach me how to be more scheduled!) and i don’t really know how the other bloggers can write a lot of times in a week, my time is always tiny and sometimes i can’t do all the goals of the day. And at least, i can’t spend so much money in this period because i need to save up more for the future incoming.
But there is a little sunshine in my sky: some people that i know are always inspiring for me and i hope to spend more time with them in the future.
What are yout inspirations? At least, i need a lot of them to live my life without feeling guilty or sad and continuing to fight for my dreams.
But let’s see how gorgeous is this dress from Swankiss!
It’s my first piece of this brand and my dream dress since the release. 

Body: Stradivarius
JSK: Swankiss
Shoes: Stradivarius
Bye Bye 
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Giant Haul Post

Hi everyone! Today i wanna show you an huge haul post because i collected too many things in these months. Everything i bought it’s from August / September / October,

Oh yes, i didn’t have a plated black skirt, so i decided to buy it.

I literally love that skirt, there was a pink one too but i prefer to buy a black one.
This is the last item in bought from Stradivarius, this shop has a lot of Larme Kei things, so i check it very often!
I bet this lace shirt for weeks and i bought with a lot of luck during the sales! From Zara
This lace cardigan it’s from United Colors of Benetton, since i bought it i just wore once because it’s really difficult to coordinate it.

Those, are the things i bought on Asos for sales. I fell in love with those tree pieces! The dress fits amazing and the shoes are really beautiful and well made. Hope to find some good bargains in the next months on the site!

This realy cute pom pom sweater it’s from Mango, there are black and grey colorway but pink, you know, really stole my heart!
I dreamed about those shoes for years and they are finally mine! I wanna use them for a photo shooting in the future! From Oysho.
Some makeup i bought through these months, the Chocolate Bon Bon palette from Too Faced and many new lipsticks!
Socks mania! From Calzedonia and Oysho. Very cute for this seasons and Spring / Summer.
The last big purchase is a new pair of tree straps from Vivienne Westwood x Melissa in this totally crazy colorway!
These cute accessories are from, with order, Aliexpress, Topshop and Lazzari (an italian store, visit them sites, it’s really lovely!)
Do you like my purchases? In the next months i want to concentrate my style more around Larme Kei and cute things.
Bye Bye 
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Review: Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hi everyone! I’m back with a new makeup review that i wanted to do for so long time and i’m finally able to! I’m madly in love with lipsticks in general, but i love more matte lipsticks and those are amazing. I bought them in the middle of March and used like every day until now. 
I purchased only three of them: Prague, Ibiza and Copenaghen but i’m wishing to purchase more of them because the colors are simply amazing.

The first color i want to show you is Prague, my favourite one, just because prune/violet lipsticks are my favourite colors. I wore it in a lot of occasions.

Ibiza is the second color of my choice, and it’s like an orange really bright, it’s not my type for my color taste of lipsticks but i kinda like it. I wore it sometimes.

The last i bought is Copenaghen, its a dark red lipstick, i just wore it like twice because is a strong color. I kinda like it.
Consistence: Creamy but wait and after 5/10 seconds you will have a nice matte effect. It’s not heavy, you just can’t feel it and it’s really good.
Color: Very bright, i will surely buy other colors in the future.
Price: medium quality and nice effect for an average price. It last for 4 hours+ if you don’t eat.
I hope you’ll enjoyed this review, i did my best to took very good quality photos and the real color of them (you can’t imagine, it’s really hard!)
Bye Bye 
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Circle Lens Review: Dreamy Hazel

Hi Everyone! Today i want to write about a circle lens review. It is my first one so i hope it will be useful for you! Let’s start:
I bought this pair from Pinky Paradise some months ago that i used for a cosplay. But they’re perfect also for a gyaru look.
This one is with the two lenses 
This one only one lens
Color:  ☆☆☆☆☆ 
The color is amazing hazel brown/yellowish 
Enlargement: 14.8 mm ☆☆☆☆☆
it gives a really good enlargement
Comfort: ☆☆
 unfortunately i wore these lenses only few times in these months because they’re aren’t so comfortable and most of the times after like 3/4 hours i had to put them off, i don’t know why, maybe because i’m not used to wear lenses frequently.
In the end, i think the best use for these lenses is to wear them for cosplay, because they don’t give a natural effect.
If you want, you can purchase them here ~
Bye Bye ♡ ♡ ♡ 

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Lilac haul

Some time ago i posted a photo on Instagram about a little haul from OVS and in this post i finally show you what i got ❤ (●♡ᴗ♡●)

I totally love this long dress in chiffon, it was love at first sight when i saw it (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
! The colors is lilac in al of its shadeso, the print is composed from some flowers, it has a chiffon belt with the same print and on the shoulders it has laces for to do an other ribbon. It has also a large neckline on the front and on the back but i think it isn’t enought to be vulgar, and the result is quite elegant ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ.

For matching the lilac chiffon dress i couldn’t resist ლ(o◡oლ) and i bought a dark lilac metal eyeshadow and a metallic lilac nailpolish (and of course another one in hot pink) which are also really nice on  ( ̄∀ ̄)

But of course i couldn’t resist and i bought an other lilac dress (亝ω亝。), this time is shorter than the other, it has black ribbons and silver glitters as a print and on the bottom it has cute and many folds  (ㆁωㆁ*) (sry i don’t remember the specific term x_x) 
It’s from MilkxUniqlo collection!
The last piece i bought it is a sax floral Liz Lisa skirt ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ, i would like to match with a white shirt (i have to sew it first ( ̄(エ) ̄) and with a cute white lolita pumps (they’re arriving)
OMG, i think i wrote too much about it..(눈‸눈) i hope to wear this items as soon as i possible because at work i haven’t the occasion to be worn because i try always to stay comfortable and in these days the weather is too much hot! (#`Д´)ノ
Do you did some shopping in this period, do you have plans for shopping in this period? The next week will also arrive the taobao haul i did some time ago, i can’t wait to receive it (≧▼≦;) !
Bye Bye