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Heart Holes

Hi everyone! How are you? I’m fine, i’m on holyday for at least four days, so i decided to make myself productive and write something on the blog.
This outfit was so much awaited for most of you! I’m pretty satisfied what i’ve created, i will surely made other with those pants soon, i have a lot of ideas in my mind.
I paired them with a sheer elegant shirt from an italian brand and mules from Oysho.
Cai i call it Larme too? I hope so, my style is so mixed lately, i wore whatever i like without labelling it.

Shirt: Eclipse
Pants: One Spo
Shoes: Oysho
Bye bye  

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Pinku day

Hi everyone!
How are you doing? The last week in Italy was really hot, it was about around 35-40° degrees and everyone died for the weather and you couldn’t do anything without sweating, also i wore really randomly and i stayed without make up on because it was really intense! Now seems to be back to the “normal” weather and we’re lucky beucase the temperature get down to like 10° degress but now we have rain instead of sun. 
Two days ago there was the Pinku day, i never knew of this day before, so i wasn’t prepared for wearing pink, and also, i didn’t even dress up that day so.. this is a trowback.

Shirt: Swankiss (replica)
Skirt: One spo
Shoes: Oysho
Accessories, socks, local shop, Aliexpress and handmade (ring)
Bye Bye 
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"Fall in Love" Diamant Rose Italy

Hi everyone! 
I just wanted you to know that I don’t feel really well in this period, so i decided to post something only when i’m ok.
On the 12th of November i attended a gyaru event located here in Milan. The event was organized by Diamant Rose Italy which is a shop located in Japan that opened in some different european countries that permits to shop some different brands directly from Japan. Also, they organized events for choosing new models and give away two travels in Japan. I think it’s wonderful!
In the event there was food, drinks, some games like “bingo” for win 10 different lucky bags from the gyaru brands.

I was one of the lucky winners! Obviously i choosed one from Liz Lisa.

My outfit:
Shirt: Handmade
Dress: H&M
Socks: Oysho
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Vivienne Westwood
I really enjoyed attended this event, i hope they will organize more in the future. I also socialized with old friends i hadn’t meet for a while. It was very funny!
In the next post i will show you in detail what i’ve won in the lucky bag!
Bye Bye