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HUGE Summer Haul

Hi everyone! How are you? Today is my last day of holydays and tomorrow i’ll be back at work, i might be sad but a part of me is happy to be back to the “usual life”, i don’t like routines at all, but finally i’ll make something all day instead of doing nothing.
Anyway, i decided to do an haul of this summer, i wanted to make a video on YouTube but without success, i’m not confident with the camera! Hope i’ll do something in the future.

The first piece is a pair of red pants from Max&Co, i wanted for so long a pair of red trousers and here we are.

An other pair of pants it’s from One Spo, which i bought them throught Diamant Rose Italy.
As you can see they have the particularity to have those heart shaped patches with fishnet. I found them really gourgeous and they’re out my confident zone.

This top it’s from Pinko, an italian brand, i found it for a super cheap price in an outlet, it’s a top different from usual because it’s totally sheer, which is better for the evening than morning.
This knit cardigan it’s from Ank Rouge, I bought it second hand for a super cheap price and i had to picked up! I don’t have many cardigans in my closet and i have to buy more of them! As buttons has pearls and on the knit fabric has some cute ribbons.
Very lovely.

In this haul can’t miss some new shoes? Of course not! I bought those babies from Asos, they were on sales for super affordable prices, the first pumps are super classic and i needed them for so long, they’re also in real leather, the second one are in plastic but has a really cute design! I can’t wait for Autumn to come for wearing them!
Do you the site Vente Privee? It’s a site that sells a lot of different brands with an outlet price, just for a limited time, and i bought three things from the Vivienne Westwood’s selling! 
One little hot pink bag (very cute and useful), and two leather belts, which i needed, i use them on the waits and on hips.
Time ago, i decided to make myself a birthday gift, a new pair of headphones. The previous one i had were really in worst conditions as possible after about seven years with me, and i decided to purchase the headphones from Kreafunk, you can find them also on Asos (i purchased them here).
Also i bought some new enamel pins, the shell one and mermaid cat.
You can find bigger and better photos on my Instagram.
I went to an outlet near Bologna, an di purchased something from Vivienne Westwood, i have a disease, i know. I bought a pair of rosegold geometric earrings and red, leather cardholder. 
Last, but not least, i bought some new makeup, a foundation from Dr.Hauschka, which i want to review because it was a really lucky find, a black eyeliner from Estée Lauder and a duochrome (my fist one) eyeshadow from Nabla, Alchemy.
Do you made some crazy shopping this period? Which is your favourite item i bought?
Bye bye 
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Romantic tulle

Hi everyone! Summer it’s on the next door and i’m already dying for the hot weather.
As the previous post, i’m not always in a good mood an i hope that in few time my life will change, i need that change and i am ready for this.
I bought this lovely skirt from the last Diamant Rose Event here in Milan and i’m totally in love with it! I always wanted a tulle pink skirt so i bought it.
The shirt is an other thing i bought recently, it’s from a new Made in Italy brand, Eclipse, and it’s very girly and romantic too.

Shirt: Eclipse
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Asos
Accessories, socks: Aliexpress 
Bye bye 
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Spring Haul 2016

Hi everyone! Today i want to show you some shopping i did in this period.

The first item is a skirt with big pleats, i don’t have so much things in this color so i decide to buy in this colorway, there was in pink too! It’s a very cute and versatile skirt.

The second item is a sheer top with cherries on in! I don’t know why but in this period i love cherry-themed things. I have to buy some accessories cherry-themed for complete the outfit.

This really cute top it’s really weird, i have to buy some colored trousers to combine it!

This skirt is from Morph8ne, the print it’s really cute, i bought it from Dollskill like one month ago due to a promotion. Even it’s a really cute skirt it’s not the worth price, i bought it with a discount and it was enought.

This really gorgeous sweater it’s from Coquette, i bought it from a girl in my country, i never expected that was a really soft material and well maded.
That’s all for now but i’ve had an haul from Taobao and i will post it soon.
Bye Bye 
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Romwe Haul & Review

Hi everyone! Today i wanna show you my little haul from Rowme!

The first thing is a sheer t-shirt with seashell prints. Not so much to say, i think it’s wonderful and wanna coordinate it as soon as possible. When i saw it on the site i thought the seashells were a print and not a patch but i prefer it on the second way, it seems much more good with quality.

The second and last item is a cute crop top with ruffles on the bottom.
Very cute but i don’t like so much this tone of pink. Is that a kind of a salmon pink, i don’t know how to coordinate it.
Not so much to day because the quality are like the other websites like SheIn or Choies
Slow, it took about 3-4 weeks for receive the package
Differences from the sites information: 
Everything went well, just take a look for the measurements.

Last but not least, i had some issues with the order but everything went well and i got the refund for two items!
I hope you found the review helpful!
Bye Bye    
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Hi everyone! Today is the first day of Spring and i’m so excited for this! Finally the best season of the year is started, i hope to wear and share a lot of new outfits! I’ll surely write an other post for the end of March.
I wore this outfit some days ago and unfortunately that day was really cold and windy, i was literally freezing! What do you think of it? 
I think that in the next days i will place my order from Taobao, i want a lot of new cute things and sell a lot of stuff that i don’t use anymore. Maybe on May i will organize a Swap Party!

I totally love this pink jumper with pearls, it’s so elegant and cute. I matched it with a pleated skirt and my lolita shoes.
Jumper: Choies
Skirt: Ebay
Shoes: Taobao

Bye Bye 
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Hi everyone! I know i’ve been inactive for a while, but i had some issues to resolve in my “real life” but i’m finally back here with a new simple outfit post!
Lately i didn’t dressed cute because of my negative emotional state, but sometimes (like today) i try to be happy and spread some positivity yay!

I really love the last two photos! 
My outfit was composed from: this lovely shirt i’ve got from Choies, a simple black skirt with a white stripe on the bottom and my Zara oxford shoes.
It was really comfy and cute at the same time, it was love at the first time when i saw this shirt, well, you know, it’s simple but those organza on the sleeves makes the shirt really particular! I would like to coordinate it with a pink skirt (but before i have to buy or sew it in the future first).
That’s all from today’s post, i hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Bye Bye 
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SheInside Review

Hi everyone! In this post i want to review for the first time the site SheIn (or SheInside).
If you don’t know about it’s a site where you can buy a lot of cheap clothes. That because prices are low don’t expect a good quality of the clothes.

The first item i bought it’s this super cute pink sweatshirt. It’s really comfy and warm, the only thing it’s not ok that the color it isn’t like shown in the stock photo. In the stock photo was like a baby pink, but once it’s arrived the color is more like peach and i definetely not like it. I will sell because of the color, but i like the model!

This is a super cute t-shirt with a hole heart shaped in the bust area. It’s really cute and warm, but the shape of the heart isn’t good and the seam it hasn’t been done well.

This shirt is one of my favourite pieces, if you remember i wore this in one of the last outfits. The measures are good and it’s really light, so i recommened it only for hot seasons.

This is the second item i liked most. it’s a salopette in tartan with buttons on the face side, it’s really cute and flirty, not to much short in my opinion.

I’m sorry to say that i’m really disappointed of this skirt. Well, not about the design but the fabric. On the site the fabric is indicated with “polyester” and i was thinking it was in chippon or something similar but in reality the fabric is neoprene, which is a solid one.
The last item i bought it’s this pair of sunglasses. I wished them for so long time in the past year and i was really happy to see them on the site! 
Quality: ☆☆
Cheap prices for cheap products, they can do nothing about it.
Shipping: ☆☆☆☆☆
The shipping was quite fast, i received the items in two weeks from the order.
Differences from the site information: 
I think this depends on which product, beware of what are you going to buy and read all the reviews.
I hope you guys you can find this review helpful

Bye Bye