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Pink is my soul color

Hi everyone!

I’m back from holydays, how did you pass them? I relaxed a lot and worked a lot on my goals. In the next days i will do a vision board and i want to make a little video and/or write a little post about. I think it’s really a cute thing to do!

I wore this outfit long time ago, when it was still hot outside. I wore my new Honey Cinnamon garter belt dress which i decided to sell because i don’t like the color and i think it doesn’t suit me. Paired with my usual Vivienne Westwood bag and my artisan loafer in rosegold and fishnet tights. I also wore a new pin i bought some time ago, from TheSkyCorner shop on Etsy. You must check it out, it’s so detailed and well made.





Dress: Honey Cinnamon Bag: Vivienne Westwood Shoes: Walter Acc.: Aliexpress, Etsy

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Hi everyone! I made a couple of things i had to in this period and i feel so relieved. I got a little surgery at my right eye, because i had an infection that lasts almost three months, and it was so awkward. 
On saturday i will shoot some new outfit photos. Finally. This shooting isn’t really recently, beucase i forgot to post it months ago, but it’s so cute anyway.
I’m totally in love with this tulle skirt, i bought in a second hand shop, it’s really versatile and lightweight.

Top: Stradivarius
Skirt: secondhand shop
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Bye bye  
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8th Jfashion Meet

Hi everyone! On 18th of December from the past year i attended a new Jfashion Event. It passed a while since my last decent Larme Kei outfit, so i was quite satisfied about it! That day i remember, it was really cold, but i challenged it because i want some new cute outfit pics ahah. And look at my fancy shoes from One Spo, i think them are really cool but not that easy to walk in, infact i fell few times, but after the photos i changed them and i wore a normal pair for walking.
After the little shooting we went to a cafè in Chinatown for drinking something hot and then going back to home.

Cardigan: Liz Lisa
Dress: No brand
Choker: Handmade
Socks: found at Coin a lot of years ago
Shoes: One spo
Bag: Vivienne Westwood
Coat: Max&Co
A photo of us! We are really cool!
All photos: @Massimo Pedrazzoli

Bye Bye 
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Pom Pom

Hi everyone, i’m sorry to be so inactive here, but i had a lot of problems lately and no time to dress up pretty, just because, this outfit it’s from Halloween lol
I hope in the future to have more occasions to dress up pretty and do a proper makeup, i love appearing cured and elegant.
In these days i’m sewing a lot of new clothes, maybe i will a post in the future, i love having new clothes for new outfits, in these months i feel like i’m dressing up the same.

T-shirt: Stradivarius
Skirt: Aliexpress
Shoes: Asos
Accessories: Vivienne Westwood, Topshop
Bye Bye 
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Giant Haul Post

Hi everyone! Today i wanna show you an huge haul post because i collected too many things in these months. Everything i bought it’s from August / September / October,

Oh yes, i didn’t have a plated black skirt, so i decided to buy it.

I literally love that skirt, there was a pink one too but i prefer to buy a black one.
This is the last item in bought from Stradivarius, this shop has a lot of Larme Kei things, so i check it very often!
I bet this lace shirt for weeks and i bought with a lot of luck during the sales! From Zara
This lace cardigan it’s from United Colors of Benetton, since i bought it i just wore once because it’s really difficult to coordinate it.

Those, are the things i bought on Asos for sales. I fell in love with those tree pieces! The dress fits amazing and the shoes are really beautiful and well made. Hope to find some good bargains in the next months on the site!

This realy cute pom pom sweater it’s from Mango, there are black and grey colorway but pink, you know, really stole my heart!
I dreamed about those shoes for years and they are finally mine! I wanna use them for a photo shooting in the future! From Oysho.
Some makeup i bought through these months, the Chocolate Bon Bon palette from Too Faced and many new lipsticks!
Socks mania! From Calzedonia and Oysho. Very cute for this seasons and Spring / Summer.
The last big purchase is a new pair of tree straps from Vivienne Westwood x Melissa in this totally crazy colorway!
These cute accessories are from, with order, Aliexpress, Topshop and Lazzari (an italian store, visit them sites, it’s really lovely!)
Do you like my purchases? In the next months i want to concentrate my style more around Larme Kei and cute things.
Bye Bye 
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Hi everyone! I know i’ve been away for several time due to tiredness for work, but now i’m on holyday for one month and i’m regaining strenght! 
I’m spending these days in Zurich for my unique holyday, it’s so nice visiting something new after a lot of time!
Anyway, i wore this outfit before the departure.

I bought this lovely skirt from Liz Lisa like one year ago and i never wore it, so i decided to wear it for once. Light blue isn’t my color at all, you know i prefer colors like pink and purple.

Shirt: Handmade
Skirt: LizLisa
Shoes: Quanticlo 
Accessories: Vivienne Westwood
Bye Bye 
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Hi everyone! Today i want to show you a very cute outfit i wore some days ago, it’s very light and shiny, i usually don’t wore gold and beije togheter, but i think i will do more often because i like how they look on me! I would like to match my new skirt with pink aswell!

Jacket, blouse: local shop
Skirt: Taobao
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa 
 Bye Bye